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Soybean oil

In 2008, about 220 million tons of soybeans in the world were produced. United States (33%) Brazil (27%) and Argentina (21%) are the largest producers of soybeans. 83 percent of the soy crops are used to produce soy oil and animal feed.

In Finland, 98 percent of the soybean is used for oil industry and animal feed. In Finland the amount of soy animal feed imported was 168,000 tons in 2009.

Soybeans and soybean meal, pioneer of soybean oil, soybean oil mass, 18 percent and 3 percent fiber breakage occurs soy in conjunction with the 78 percent. Including soy ground meat before cooking, can only be used for animal feed. Crude soybean oil, is also a common emulsifier, for example, chocolate, instant sauces, margarine, soybean oil and lecithin processed cookies. Other soy products produced from soy milk, soy sauce and counted. Soya can be used as biofuel.

How to use apples

Apples as edible. They can be used in baked goods, starter, main course and dessert so it is very versatile fruit. Apple Jam is made by boiling apples. Apple juice and cider is also made. Adding lemon to apple prevents darkening. 

Pies, jams and apple juice are best when made of sour apples. Late maturing varieties like Antonovka is ideal for this use. Also, it is good when dried. An array of fresh fruit should be used for the juice.

Apples are healthy: calories (about 40 grams ccal/100) are low, and mature vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E vitamins, as well as, inter alia, grapes, fruit when it contains and sugarcane. Flavonoids not mentioned - also, for example, calcium, magnesium, potassium, including pectin and fibers. Contained in the compounds of the acids Apple flavor substances. Apple is about 85 percent water ..

Considering the fact that Apple releases ethylene blocks, are scheduled for 1 to 2 degrees. This block also must be in place vegetables are suffering from ethylene.

Carbohydrates information

Carbohydrates, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are a group of organic compounds. These agents are, for example sugars, starch and cellulose. Carbohydrates are one of the three major nutrients. Carbohydrates pure empirical formula (CH2O) n word must carbohydrates therefore Dexfenfluramine carbohydrate structures.

The simple carbohydrates, nutrients in the body, and bit mono-and disaccharides energy, starch, glycogen, the storage form of energy in the body, their main food product. Disaccharides sucrose, lactose and maltose are. Such plants as the building blocks of more complex carbohydrates, such as cellulose carbon movement.

Diabetes symptoms

Diabetes is the former name of the disorder of glucose metabolism. Although diabetes insipidus Latin name, diabetes insipidus, is very similar, there are many common illnesses that do not. Diabetes decreased production of insulin or the pancreas stops (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, type I diabetes, diabetes, youth), damage to the body or the insulin-dependent (adult-onset diabetes, type II diabetes). In addition to the two main types of diabetes, there are many intermediates and specialties, the most common gestational diabetes.

The quality of diabetes, blood sugar levels become too high. The food is carbohydrates break down blood sugar (glucose), and released into the blood. Under normal circumstances, when the level of glucose in the blood, the pancreas to release insulin, which helps cells to transport glucose and lower blood sugar. If a person suffers from diabetes, glucose can not get enough of the blood cells so that your body gets enough insulin or the insulin is reduced. High blood sugar can cause long term damage to many tissues of the body, including the eyes, kidneys, heart and blood circulation.

Paper products

The paper is thin and flat fiber produced by the compression of common consumer goods. Generally, paper is made from wood pulp, but also can be used and other vegetable fibers such as cotton and hemp. In many languages, the word used in the paper comes from papyrus.

The product has been prepared as a graphic purposes (writing, drawing, copying, printing), hygiene (toilet paper and paper towels) as a packaging material. Paper-added products, including newspapers, books, juice and milk cartons and some cookies and candy wrappers. The wall is made of sturdy paper. Notes and other securities, are made from very high quality paper that can be used for cotton or tramp. Rag paper is particularly resistant test of time, and the pH is neutral, so it is particularly suitable for archival use.

Paper production using the term gram weight, that a square meter of the paper weight in grams. Paper and cardboard between the standard separation run by gram weight 125 g, of which the degree is referred to as cardboard. The most commonly used packing tables. Other programs include imukartongit in cardboard boxes used in the manufacture of linen lymph formation.

The thin edge of the paper, which can damage the skin as a result of the document on the wound.

How many volcanoes are there?

The volcano is a cone-shaped mountain, often based on the formation of lava volcanoes and located in the time tefra, or pavement. Budget performance products are derived from underground reservoirs of molten rock, discharge channel is connected via the outlet. Volcanic eruption may be relatively quiet lava (magma discharge to the surface), the explosive eruptions in which the material to be flying too high air miles high range.

Earth is about 4,000 volcanoes, of which about 450 are as historic period is released. They are mostly located in the tectonic plates of the joints, including the young mountain ranges are located. They are particularly abundant in the islands off the east coast of Asia, such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan, but also in Central America and the Andes. Several volcanoes are also, for example, the Mediterranean countries, especially in southern Italy, as well as Iceland.

Properties of water

Water (H2O, or sometimes divetymonokside divetyokside) is liquid at room temperature, the real oxygen and hydrogen forms of the chemical compound. All the water on Earth is probably derived from the millions of years that the planet comets and volcanic eruptions have hit. Water is available almost everywhere on the planet, and it is all known life on standby.

The water is clear, odorless, tasteless and transparent. The compounds were dissolved in water, but may change these properties. The human sense of smell has not evolved to the smell of the water, because there is no biological need, but instead senses are capable of possible contaminants are to some extent in drinking water. Serves water as a universal solvent and the water on earth is almost always slightly soluble compounds. The exception is distilled water.

The systematic chemical name of the compound in water divetymonokside, not only from the hydride is used as the oksidaani. In practice, these names are rarely used, even in a scientific context. Divetymonokside is used scam and intimidation purposes.

Beard shaving

Shave beard and mustache cutting blades. Shaving is a lot of regular work in the morning man, the hair will grow quickly and form a beard, unless they are driven daily. Currently used for shaving razor, knife and electric planes, but in the early cave paintings shaving implements Flint and shellfish.

Shavers and running water is used as a knife or something usually leather soften the wax substance. Opens then used to comfort the skin, such as shaving. Careless shaving can cause ulcers and skin irritation.

The domestic dog

The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris is the past, Canis familiaris) is a wolf by processing the form. Mammalian class belong to the family and one animal. Dogs are carnivores.

 One of the oldest human pet. The initial one dog was useful as a watchdog warning. North, was first used as a Shepherd is a powerful tug was agriculture and livestock support. Also, very important is more useful for hunting. Even now, the dog is used for the same purpose. Dogs, however, the work is extended, and other drugs, guide, guide and rescue dogs were among them; The exact meaning of the smell of dog large amounts of leverage. In particular, people bred dogs are easier to do on human commands can be trained, they are easy to pieces, toys, tastes and themes of social contacts. 

Many people keep dogs as pets; One of the most common animals, second only to domestic cats. One of the biggest in the amount of approximately 4,000,000. So, from the same family of dogs than anything else, must be at least 10 times. 

Adult man with a dog who is very quick to learn how to interpret the behavior of the dog until the dog is a social animal and intelligence. People are able to interpret the communication dog can learn. One of them is primarily gestures, facial expressions, and communicate with each other with audio. One is characterized by territorial emissions. Urine and feces dog in their areas.

Ice hockey playing

Ice Hockey is a team sport played on a rink in Ice Hockey. To re-create the condition of normal games against each other in two teams of six players skating in the legs. In a normal game situation on the ground attack 1kentällinen 3 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders one team. The team on the pitch, also consisting of four usually three, two keeper.

The trio has been called the chain. Own goals for each team on a link, rear before. Usually, in order to rubber roll, and taken from the enemy's goals, moving puzzle, to protect, to prevent parties through the pack on their own, try to use hockey stick to paint, it's the team's metal mesh frame to all other aspects of the home page that is working appears. When the game ends, the winner is the team with the most goals.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition, a person or other organism eating habits to consume the amount of food a person or culture makes when choosing what to eat food that is a permanent decision. Dinner is usually a special intake of dietary health and weight control it. People are omnivores, each culture and each has some food preferences or food taboos, despite the (often related to both). This may be due to personal taste or ethical reasons. Select foods that a person is more or less healthy.

Proper nutrition is consumed, and carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the form of vitamins, minerals, and food energy. Eating habits and lifestyle choices in order to improve the quality of health and longevity. It can also define cultures and participate in religion.

Alternative for meat and dairy

Soy products also are represented in meat and poultry. Facility, catering, retail and institutional. (Primarily school lunch and punishment) of the regular expansion of such products may be due to deterioration of the taste of the "expansion". But it will be less fat and cholesterol. Such as the use of animal protein in soy products can be used for food decoration that vitamins and minerals. The protein quality is already almost equal. Textured vegetable protein without any nutritious soy meat alternatives, the body is a cheap way to expand, more than fifty years ago has been used.

Tyrannosaurus Rex size

Tyrannosaurus "tyrant lizard", is a genus of dinosaur coelurosaurian "dictator" and "Lizard" which means Sauros (σαῦρος),]) means that the Greek dictator (τύραννος), means. Species commonly abbreviated to T. rex Tyrannosaurus rex (Latin rex "king" means), is a fixture in popular culture. T. rex was now called the Laramide western island continent of North America, lived throughout what is. Tyrannosaurus was much wider than the other tyrannosauruses. 67-66000000 return Cretaceous Maastrichtian age-old rock formations found in various fossil before. He Cretaceous - Paleogene extinction event before the last non-avian dinosaurs existed had.

Like other tyrannosaurs, Tyrannosaurus, a bipedal carnivore, a long, heavy tail was balanced by a giant skull. Compared to the large and powerful hind legs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs to their small size, but very strong and have to pay double digits. Other theropods rivaled or exceeded Tyrannosaurus rex in size, it is the largest tyrannosaurid and March is one of the largest known predators. In fact, the most perfect specimens tall at the hips up to 4 meters (13 feet) in length, 12.3 meters (40 feet) measured, and 6.8 tons (7.5 short tons) in weight. Some experts suggest that dinosaurs mostly clear, although by far the largest carnivore in its environment and, Tyrannosaurus Rex, finally hadrosaurs, ceratopsians and sauropods victim was a hunter. Tyrannosaurus rex was a predator or scavenger tip discussion of Paleontology is one of the longest-running dispute; However, most researchers an opportunistic predator Tyrannosaurus rex, and agree that hunter and scavenger. It is one of the leading forces of all land animals bite is believed to be able to use.

Nearly complete skeleton of T. rex are more than 50 copies, some of which have been identified. Soft tissue and proteins have been reported in at least one of these is examined. Abundant fossil material, including life history and biomechanics is an important research on many aspects of their biology. Eating habits, physiology and potential speed of Tyrannosaurus rex are a few subjects of debate. Some researchers from Asia, believed to be a different type of Tarbosaurus Bator Tyrannosaurus and others maintaining Tarbosaurus is a genus of dinosaur as its classification, is controversial. Number of other genera of North American tyrannosaurids have also synonymized with Tyrannosaurus.

Who is Lola Cueto?

Maria Dolores Rivas Velázquez, better known as "Lola" Cueto (born Azcapotzalco, 2, Μαρ 1897 -. D Mexico City, January 24, 1978) is a painter, printmaker, draftsman, Mexico. It is known for historical works in children's theater, building sets, puppets and troupes which is play pieces for educational purposes. Cueto the surname of her husband Cueto Germain, who he has two daughters, one of the playwright and his puppet Mireya Cueto which is seen. The most favorite art and related Cueto Mexican folk art and paintings created on or create traditional works such as wallpapers, shredded paper and traditional Mexican games.

How popular is soccer?

Football refers to the varying levels of the sport. The most popular of these sports worldwide and not just "football" or "soccer" is called soccer, football, soccer, any style is used the same as the Football League American football rules. Australian football, Canadian football, Irish football, rugby league, rugby union, in a regional context, it is the most popular and other game-related. These variations of football are known football codes.

Various forms of football folklore history of the most popular games can often be identified. Contemporary codes of football back to the eighteenth and nineteenth century English public schools can be traced to the processing of this game. Bandy, such as deliberately: the power of the British Empire and the impact of these rules football, although it shares at the end of the nineteenth century, the area code other than the development of the direct control of the British Empire from the domain. They also help to preserve its heritage. Including the rules of the game of football tradition in 1888, the Football League competition for the first time in a number of professional football in England was founded. In the last century the world a variety of football has become one of the most popular sports team.

Types of Felicia plants

Felicia on the Arabian Peninsula, in South Africa and the tropical regions of Africa, open sunny habitats of the Asteraceae family is a family of flowering plants in the wild. Some species of ornamental plants grown flowers, such as a complex daisy-rich tend to disk flowers, especially blue and yellow icon amelloides Fi, it is a shadow.

As a variety of species,

         Felicia abyssinica
         Felicia aethiopica
         Felicia Aruba
         Felicia amelloides
         Felicia ammunition ENA
         Until Felicia Bergerie
         Felicia echinata
         Felicia Elon game
         Felicia erigeroides
         Felicia is filifoli
         Felicia fruticosa
         Felicia Gunilla
         Felicia pine
         Felicia is Josephina
         Until Felicia Martins
         Felicia merxmuel
         Felicia muricata
         Felicia is rosulat
         Felicia tenella

History of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by English rock band The Beatles. Posted 1 June 1967 was an immediate critical and commercial success, spending 22 weeks at the top of the British album charts and number one for 15 weeks in the United States. Time magazine said that "output music historian", and praised the New Statesman in raising the level of pop art. Won four Grammy Awards in 1968, including Album of the Year, the first rock LP to receive this honor.

In the month August 1966 farewell tour of The Beatles and started a three month break from recording. During a round trip to London in November, Paul McCartney got the idea Edwardian military band, eventually forming the pulse of sergeant. Concept Pepper. Sessions of the Beatles' eighth studio album began on 24 November at Abbey Road studios for two, the original intention of the sheet material, that involves young people in the book. "Too thematically One of the first songs recorded in the project" Strawberry Fields Forever "and" Penny Lane ", but after pressure from EMI, songs were released as a double one: they are not included in the album.

In February 1967 after recording "Lonely Hearts Club Band Sgt. Pepper", McCartney has hinted that the entire Beatles album, Sgt represents a fictional work to be provided. The band Pepper. This is the alter ego of the group would be free to experiment with them musically. The recordings of the band's efforts to improve the quality of production and the previous versions. Knowing that it is not necessary to perform the track live, took an experimental approach to composition, songs such as "With a Little Help From My Friends," "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Day in the Life." Manufacturer liberal use of innovative recording the album chief engineer Geoff Emerick, George Martin, in the exercise of sound shaping and signal processing as an extraordinary 40-piece orchestra crescendo. The recording was completed April 21, 1967. Penthouse, the band posing in front of a panel of celebrities and historical figures, the basis of which the English pop artist Peter Blake and Jann Haworth, profile McCartney.

Sergeant Pepper is considered to be one of the first concept album of music scholars, argued that the extended popular music and also takes into account the artistic maturation of earlier versions of The Beatles. It is described as one of the first dishes Rock Art, to promote progressive rock, and that the opening credits of the album was. The important work of psychedelic, multi-genre album, a variety of stylistic influences of the British people, as vaudeville, circus, music hall, avant-garde, and the Western and Indian classical music. In 2003, the Library of Congress in the sergeant. Pepper on the National Register registration in honor of the book "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." In the same year, Rolling Stone magazine ranked number one on the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. 2014 more than 30 million copies, making it one of the best-selling album of all time worldwide. Musicologist David Scott Kastan has been described as a "rock and roll's most important and influential albums of all time."

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Why lose weight

Both being overweight and obesity cause health and social problems so losing weight is recommended.

 The principle of dieting is to reduce the amount of energy obtained from food, to eat less than is needed.

It is essential to remember these when dieting:

- Preferring low-energy water and fiber-rich foodstuffs like berries, vegetables, whole grains and fruits.
- Ensuring a sufficient intake of many essential nutrients like protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids
- Avoiding saturated fats and foods containing fast carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol
- Eating regularly three to five times a day

During dieting, the intraperitoneal fat is proportionally reduced more than the subcutaneous fat.

It's said that even 5-10% weight loss can significantly improve the symptoms of hypertension, diabetes lipid disorders and other illnesses.

What is Tsakonian language

Harry Schell

Henry "Harry" O'Reilly Schell, born in June 29, 1921 Paris and died 13 May 1960 Silverstone, England, was an American race car driver. He was the son of Laury Schell and Lucy O'Reilly.


MDC is an American punk band which was founded in Texas in 1979. MDC plays hardcore-punk music. The meaning of the abbreviation "MDC" has changed with each release, for example: Millions of Dead Cops, More Dead Cops, Millions of Dead Children, Multi Death Corporations, Millions of Damn Christians and Missile Destroyed Civilisation.

Enrico Porro

Enrico Porro (1885-1967) was an Italian Greco-Roman wrestler and an Olympic champion.

Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona

Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona is the national anthem of Lesotho. The words were written by a French missionary man called François Coillard. The music for the anthem was composed by Ferdinand-Samuel Laur. The piece has been used as the Lesotho national anthem since the year 1967.

Tsakonian language

The Tsakonian language is a Greek dialect spoken mainly in the Peloponnese region. Its status is disputed. Some scholars classify it as a separate language, because the Greek and Tsakonian speakers ​​don't fully understand each other. About seventy percent of the words are similar with Greek language.

Ear candling doesn't work

 Ear candling

Ear candling is a type of alternative medicine which is claimed to improve one's health. A hollow candle is lit and put into a person's ear canal. Medical experts say the treatment is both ineffective and hazardous, as it doesn't remove earwax or toxins.

According to professor Edzard Ernst there are no indications that ear candling has any kind of effect. Ear candles have also caused ear injuries. It is concluded that there are more hazards than benefits. The treatment should be avoided.

Chisinau international airport

Chisinau international airport is the largest airport of Moldova. It was built in 1970 and later expanded in 2000. The length of the runway is 3590 m.


Schrei, which means scream or shout, is the first album of the band Tokio Hotel. It was released in the year 2005.


Caatinga is a kind of vegetation which occurs in the northeast of Brazil.  It's a dryish plant characterized by thorny shrubs and tiny "trees" that drop their leaves in the dry season.

Berlin Stock Exchange

Börse Berlin (Berlin Stock Exchange) is located in Berlin, Germany. It was found in 1685 and is one of the oldest stock exchanges in Germany. It's located in Ludwig-Erhard Haus, in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion is the fifth studio album by the rap artist Paul Wall.
It was released on 13 July 2010 by Warner Borthers Records, Swishahouse and Asylum Records.