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What is Tsakonian language

Harry Schell

Henry "Harry" O'Reilly Schell, born in June 29, 1921 Paris and died 13 May 1960 Silverstone, England, was an American race car driver. He was the son of Laury Schell and Lucy O'Reilly.


MDC is an American punk band which was founded in Texas in 1979. MDC plays hardcore-punk music. The meaning of the abbreviation "MDC" has changed with each release, for example: Millions of Dead Cops, More Dead Cops, Millions of Dead Children, Multi Death Corporations, Millions of Damn Christians and Missile Destroyed Civilisation.

Enrico Porro

Enrico Porro (1885-1967) was an Italian Greco-Roman wrestler and an Olympic champion.

Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona

Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona is the national anthem of Lesotho. The words were written by a French missionary man called François Coillard. The music for the anthem was composed by Ferdinand-Samuel Laur. The piece has been used as the Lesotho national anthem since the year 1967.

Tsakonian language

The Tsakonian language is a Greek dialect spoken mainly in the Peloponnese region. Its status is disputed. Some scholars classify it as a separate language, because the Greek and Tsakonian speakers ​​don't fully understand each other. About seventy percent of the words are similar with Greek language.

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