lauantai 21. kesäkuuta 2014

The domestic dog

The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris is the past, Canis familiaris) is a wolf by processing the form. Mammalian class belong to the family and one animal. Dogs are carnivores.

 One of the oldest human pet. The initial one dog was useful as a watchdog warning. North, was first used as a Shepherd is a powerful tug was agriculture and livestock support. Also, very important is more useful for hunting. Even now, the dog is used for the same purpose. Dogs, however, the work is extended, and other drugs, guide, guide and rescue dogs were among them; The exact meaning of the smell of dog large amounts of leverage. In particular, people bred dogs are easier to do on human commands can be trained, they are easy to pieces, toys, tastes and themes of social contacts. 

Many people keep dogs as pets; One of the most common animals, second only to domestic cats. One of the biggest in the amount of approximately 4,000,000. So, from the same family of dogs than anything else, must be at least 10 times. 

Adult man with a dog who is very quick to learn how to interpret the behavior of the dog until the dog is a social animal and intelligence. People are able to interpret the communication dog can learn. One of them is primarily gestures, facial expressions, and communicate with each other with audio. One is characterized by territorial emissions. Urine and feces dog in their areas.

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