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Types of Felicia plants

Felicia on the Arabian Peninsula, in South Africa and the tropical regions of Africa, open sunny habitats of the Asteraceae family is a family of flowering plants in the wild. Some species of ornamental plants grown flowers, such as a complex daisy-rich tend to disk flowers, especially blue and yellow icon amelloides Fi, it is a shadow.

As a variety of species,

         Felicia abyssinica
         Felicia aethiopica
         Felicia Aruba
         Felicia amelloides
         Felicia ammunition ENA
         Until Felicia Bergerie
         Felicia echinata
         Felicia Elon game
         Felicia erigeroides
         Felicia is filifoli
         Felicia fruticosa
         Felicia Gunilla
         Felicia pine
         Felicia is Josephina
         Until Felicia Martins
         Felicia merxmuel
         Felicia muricata
         Felicia is rosulat
         Felicia tenella

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