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Paper products

The paper is thin and flat fiber produced by the compression of common consumer goods. Generally, paper is made from wood pulp, but also can be used and other vegetable fibers such as cotton and hemp. In many languages, the word used in the paper comes from papyrus.

The product has been prepared as a graphic purposes (writing, drawing, copying, printing), hygiene (toilet paper and paper towels) as a packaging material. Paper-added products, including newspapers, books, juice and milk cartons and some cookies and candy wrappers. The wall is made of sturdy paper. Notes and other securities, are made from very high quality paper that can be used for cotton or tramp. Rag paper is particularly resistant test of time, and the pH is neutral, so it is particularly suitable for archival use.

Paper production using the term gram weight, that a square meter of the paper weight in grams. Paper and cardboard between the standard separation run by gram weight 125 g, of which the degree is referred to as cardboard. The most commonly used packing tables. Other programs include imukartongit in cardboard boxes used in the manufacture of linen lymph formation.

The thin edge of the paper, which can damage the skin as a result of the document on the wound.

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