lauantai 21. kesäkuuta 2014

How many volcanoes are there?

The volcano is a cone-shaped mountain, often based on the formation of lava volcanoes and located in the time tefra, or pavement. Budget performance products are derived from underground reservoirs of molten rock, discharge channel is connected via the outlet. Volcanic eruption may be relatively quiet lava (magma discharge to the surface), the explosive eruptions in which the material to be flying too high air miles high range.

Earth is about 4,000 volcanoes, of which about 450 are as historic period is released. They are mostly located in the tectonic plates of the joints, including the young mountain ranges are located. They are particularly abundant in the islands off the east coast of Asia, such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan, but also in Central America and the Andes. Several volcanoes are also, for example, the Mediterranean countries, especially in southern Italy, as well as Iceland.

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