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Properties of water

Water (H2O, or sometimes divetymonokside divetyokside) is liquid at room temperature, the real oxygen and hydrogen forms of the chemical compound. All the water on Earth is probably derived from the millions of years that the planet comets and volcanic eruptions have hit. Water is available almost everywhere on the planet, and it is all known life on standby.

The water is clear, odorless, tasteless and transparent. The compounds were dissolved in water, but may change these properties. The human sense of smell has not evolved to the smell of the water, because there is no biological need, but instead senses are capable of possible contaminants are to some extent in drinking water. Serves water as a universal solvent and the water on earth is almost always slightly soluble compounds. The exception is distilled water.

The systematic chemical name of the compound in water divetymonokside, not only from the hydride is used as the oksidaani. In practice, these names are rarely used, even in a scientific context. Divetymonokside is used scam and intimidation purposes.

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